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Sep '10

The whole world in my hands

Eartha, the World's Largest Rotating Globe sits in Yarmouth, Maine, in the lobby of the DeLorme Map Company.

SUBMITTED BY: Matt and Traci Suppa   LOCATION: Yarmouth, Maine (2010)

Not wanting to play favorites with any one continent, Matt chooses a random stretch of ocean to rest on his shoulders.

You have to give the DeLorme Map Company credit: They didn’t skimp on their Guinness Book of World Records office decor!

Source: DeLorme.com

(Traci and Matt Suppa plan their family vacations around America’s superlative tourist traps. Read about their adventures at “Go Big or Go Home.”)

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1 Comment » to “The whole world in my hands”

  1. Traci Says:

    We like to call this work “Mattlas Shrugged.” With apologies to Ayn Rand.

    Eartha is really cool, actually. She’s over 41 feet tall, so to even see the northern hemisphere, you have to take the stairs or elevator to the second and third floor observation balconies.

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