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Sep '10

Kirby Your Enthusiasm

Author Doug Mack with Baseball Hall of Fame legend Kirby Puckett.

SUBMITTED BY: Doug Mack   LOCATION: Minneapolis, Minnesota (2010)

Seeing your childhood idol cast in bronze summons all kinds of emotions.

As Doug posed with this statue of Kirby Puckett outside Target Field, a stranger walked by and shouted: “Make your butt look bigger! Then you’ll look exactly like him!”

Hey, Roly Poly Kirby’s butt was good enough to help the Twins win two World Series and play in 10 All-Star Games!

(Doug Mack is a travel writer currently on an ambitious quest to sneer at poet Robert Frost and take the Road Most Traveled through touristy Europe. Read about his latest adventures at his “Europe on Five Bad Ideas a Day” blog.)

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