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Aug '10

Darwinist Vacations: When Tourists Go SPLAT!!!

Sky News reports the latest fad in Spanish tourism is leaping from hotel balconies into the swimming pool.

A 20-year-old British tourist is now in a coma after attempting to jump from his hotel balcony into the pool last week while on vacation in Ibiza, Spain.

Apparently, the thrill-seeking fad of “balconing” is sweeping the Iberian peninsula.

If your vacation is so dull that you need to risk death to enjoy yourself, maybe you need to choose a different location!

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1 Comment » to “Darwinist Vacations: When Tourists Go SPLAT!!!”

  1. FL Says:

    The late Bob Prince, radio broadcaster for the Pittsburgh Pirates, pulled this stunt at a hotel in St. Louis. He wasn’t injured. Apparently, he was “well-lubricated” at the time.

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