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Mar '10

I’ve got the whole world in my hands… NOT!


SUBMITTED BY: Ankura Singh, Andy Odgren, Debra Cohen

LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (2010)

Some tourists make trick photography — in this case the “forced perspective” illusion of holding an object — look really easy.  Take a look at the amazing poise and finesse displayed by this casual cliffwalker in Zion National Park and these architecture buffs at the Eiffel Tower.

But some tourists, such as Ankura, Andy and Debra, are still getting the hang of it.

In case there are ANY doubts how the above attempt at a Tacky Tourist Photo came out, take a look:


In any case, we appreciate the effort and encourage the gang to dust themselves off, pick themselves up and try again next time.

Tacky Tourist Photography is a talent that takes a lifetime to perfect. But there is room under the TTP tent for everyone.  Please visit our Submission Page and send us your favorite snapshots!

(Ankura Singh, Andy Odgren, and Debra Cohen are old college buddies from McGill University. They reunite for a Disney vacation every year).

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1 Comment » to “I’ve got the whole world in my hands… NOT!”

  1. Greg Says:

    Yea, that’s pretty awful.

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