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Feb '10

The Canyon Cliffwalker*

Hiking to the top of the Grand Canyon in three easy steps

Hiking to the top of Kolob Canyon in three easy steps

SUBMITTED BY: Chris Hartzell and Ame Wells    LOCATION: Zion National Park, Utah (2009)

Why bother with the burros and those eroding switchback trails when you can just use the shortcut?

Nature photographer Chris Hartzell has amazing balance to be able to maintain this Karate Kid pose. And his wife Ame has laser beam vision to be able to line up Chris’ hands so perfectly.

Many people try these “forced perspective” trick photos, but most of the time the hands are usually off by a few millimeters or so.

As for the hazards of forging his own Kolob Canyon trail, well, let’s just say that Chris is used to flirting with danger. The ballistic shark below is digitally enhanced, but those stunning chompers are the real deal.

Deep Throat

Deep Throat

Diving off the coast of the Guadalupe Islands, Chris stuck his head outside his shark cage to get this shot and you can read about what happened after that here.

(Adventure photographers Chris Hartzell and Ame Wells enjoy digital painting their favorite pictures. Check out their butterflies, cheetahs, elephants, tree frogs and wildflowers at PhotoStrokes.net )

* CORRECTION: This post originally referred to the Grand Canyon as the location of this photo. Wrong state. Wrong canyon. And we deeply regret misleading our readers. But the beauty of the picture remains the same.

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