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Jan '10

Making “The Last Suppah” a little gangsta

Smack in the heart of the Bible Belt Vegas

Smack in the heart of the Bible Belt Vegas

SUBMITTED BY: Rachel and Steve Moore   LOCATION: Branson, Missouri (2009)

Rachel and her brother Steve weren’t looking for a religious experience when they hit the Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson. Most of the museum met their expectations (Forrest Gump on a bench, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, etc.), but the glowing room with the Pope and organ music seemed “pretty creepy.”

For the record, those are Rachel’s words, not ours.  But she fully stands behind them.

“We decided to seal our fate of going to Hell by making the Last Supper a little gangsta,” Rachel says. “Down with Branson! …I’m pretty sure the hills have eyes there.”

(St. Louis natives Rachel and Steve Moore “love anything that doesn’t take itself too seriously, like Tacky Tourist Photos!”).

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1 Comment » to “Making “The Last Suppah” a little gangsta”

  1. TrafficScoop Says:

    Hahahahahahahahaha. This is the best picture yet! haha

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