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Dec '09

Sibling Torture: The Colonial Williamsburg Syndrome

Big sisters have a special way of saying "I Love You." The Mandich family at Colonial Williamsburg.

Big sisters have an oh-s0-special way of saying "I Love You." The Mandich family enjoys Virginia's Colonial Williamsburg historical theme park in 1975.

SUBMITTED BY: Steve Mandich  LOCATION: Williamsburg, Virginia (1975)

The Stockholm Syndrome is when a hostage starts to empathize with his or captors. The Colonial Williamsburg Syndrome is when a torture victim has no memory of being tortured.

Five-year-old Steve Mandich is seen here lifelessly dangling from the stockades as sister Cheryl, 10, sticks out her tongue in mockery and sister Linda, 12, kindly makes sure his neck doesn’t snap if he tries to get his feet back on the ground.

Ah, sisterly love!

Steve doesn’t remember posing for this picture and no longer has any abrasions or splinters on his neck. But he says he is not surprised that Cheryl and Linda skipped over the churning butter and quilting opportunities in favor of tormenting him.

“It probably wasn’t all that different from what my big sisters routinely subjected me to on a daily basis!” Steve claims.

(Steve Mandich is the author of Evel Incarnate: The Life and Legend of Evel Knievel, which is by far the wittiest and most balanced biography on the iconic daredevil. He is also a bonafide expert on the Seattle Pilots, Seattle Mariners, Bigfoot and Quatchi, the new Sasquatch mascot of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics).

OPEN CALL FOR VINTAGE TOURIST PHOTOS! — This gem from the Mandich family was unearthed in their vacation archives. What’s hiding in your family scrapbooks? This holiday season you have another excuse to take them off the shelf and reminisce. For information on how submit a photo for TTP immortality, click here!

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