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Oct '09

Spain Week: Winnie the Knockoff Pooh

Winnie the WHAT?

Winnie the WHAT?

SUBMITTED BY: Laura Molta   LOCATION: Madrid, Spain (2009)

The tentacles of the Disney legal department infamously have no boundaries, so it was shocking to see this rogue Winnie the Pooh operating so brazenly in the open.

We respect the rights of mascots to have oxygen, but the extremely large eye holes (filled with emptiness) make this bear look like a soulless zombie.

But we’re more enthralled with the pathetic branding. If you’re gonna steal a character, why not just own up to it?  Just keep the “H.”

Laura’s impressions are almost like haiku:

Poo… the don’t sue me version of Pooh?
Poo… the Spanish spelling of Pooh?
Poo… wait, that’s not how you spell it?

Beavis and Butthead fans throughout the Iberian peninsula are cackling right now: “Heh, heh, heh, Winnie the POO.. Heh. Heh. POO, it says POO! Heh. Hehe.”

Even more fodder for the mascot gossip columnists: It appears that Poo is involved in an intimate relationship with Madrid’s purse-carrying Spiderman!

Finishing Up The Act: Pooh helps Spidey with his zipper.

Finishing Up The Act: Pooh helps Spidey with his zipper.

(Laura Molta, who once ran into Natalie Portman in the Costa Rican rainforest, is a prolific TV producer and documentary filmmaker.)

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