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Oct '09

Street Sweeper or Soviet Spy?


SUBMITTED BY: Laura Molta   LOCATION: Madrid, Spain (2009)

There are several deeply troubling aspects to this seemingly innocent tourist photo.

First is the cavalier attitude and body posture of the tourist: LOOK AT ME! I AM LEANING UP AGAINST AN AUTHENTIC BLUE-COLLAR WORKER!

What’s with the casual knee bend?

Second, this alleged tribute to an honest day’s work is a graffiti magnet and city authorities are apparently in no rush to clean up the defamatory scrawls.

Third, take a closer look at the graffiti — SOV SPY — perhaps code for Soviet spy?

Now, we know the Cold War is supposed to be over. But you just never know where those rascally hammer-and-sickle types hid listening devices.

Who was this street sweeper ... really?

Who was this street sweeper ... really?

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