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Oct '09

Beware of the Gaudy Gaudi Dragon

The Gaudi Dragon loves American women.

ENVELOPED BY ART: The Gaudi Dragon loves American women.

SUBMITTED BY: Betsy Hoffman   LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain (2009)

Looks like a flamboyant gekko, but this costumed character is actually a touchy-feely dragon.

It’s the Gaudi Dragon, Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi’s iconic mosiac fountain in Barcelona’s whimsical Parc Guell.

According to Wikipedia, British author George Orwell reportedly hated Gaudi’s work — and what motivation could anyone possibly have to make something like that up?

On Barcelona’s main drag, the festive Las Ramblas, Betsy paid one Euro for the honor of being smothered by this gaudy mascot. The fee included the complimentary use of the matching Gaudi hat.

(Betsy Hoffman, who works in the clothing industry, is thinking about launching her own fashion line of flamboyant hats).

In honor of Tacky Tourist Spain Week, meet Madrid’s knockoff Winnie the Pooh and his significant other, Spiderman.

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