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Sep '09

The Eiffel Tower Dunce Cap

Coming to a Paris souvenir shop near you!

Coming to a Paris souvenir shop near you!

SUBMITTED BY: Brandon Pusey    LOCATION: Paris, France (2009)

OK, so this Eiffel Tower hat trick isn’t perfect. The white tourist van protruding from Brandon’s cheek kills the magic. It’s extremely difficult to coax foreigners to choose a different parking space — especially in a foreign language in a foreign land.

It should be noted that Tacky Tourist Photos NEVER alters our pictures with Photoshop, Aperture or any other enhancement software.

Also, Tacky Tourist Photo models do not wear any special make-up that they would not otherwise wear in daily civilian life.

But back to the hat. And the van.

The reason why this photo still makes the cut is Brandon’s underrated acting. Note the furrowed brow of confusion, the vacant zombie eyes, the subtle hand gesture toward the tower…

For the new emerging fashion of Eiffel Tower Dunce Caps, this pose is sheer genius!

(Travel junkie Brandon Pusey is a grassroots folk, blues, Americana musician whose toe-tapping pulse and good-time vibe has established him on the music scene in Paris.)

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1 Comment » to “The Eiffel Tower Dunce Cap”

  1. Madeline Says:

    I just want to commend the integrity of this site, what with the “No Photoshopping” policy.

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