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Sep '09

Tacky Tourist Photos announces the launch of FRANCE WEEK!

Tacky Tourist Photos proudly announces the launch of France Week!

Tacky Tourist Photos proudly announces the launch of France Week!

France means many things to many people.

For military strategists, it is a place to ruminate about the dumbest national defense plan EVER, the Maginot Line.

For Sylvester Stallone fans, it is the place where Sly once played goalie against an All-Star Gestapo soccer team and showed that anything is possible if you grunt and snarl with enough passion.

And for Woody Allen, Jerry Lewis, and Molly Ringwald, it is a place to be worshiped and respected.

Tacky Tourist Photos just had a team of seven correspondents gallivant around Paris in search of primo photo-ops.  You won’t be disappointed with what they found.

If you would like to be involved with a future TTP Theme Week, let us know about your upcoming travel plans!

In addition to fame and creative sustenance, you might be blessed with a complimentary Tacky Tourist Photos t-shirt!


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1 Comment » to “Tacky Tourist Photos announces the launch of FRANCE WEEK!”

  1. Nancy Says:

    C’est magnifique!

    Youse guys have way too much fun!

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