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Aug '09

Troops have a wild night out with Hello Kitty

A coy Hello Kitty greets the troops at a San Antonio shopping mall

A coy Hello Kitty greets the troops at San Antonio's famed Riverwalk shopping mall.

SUBMITTED BY: Kevin Garnick    LOCATION: San Antonio, Texas (1989)

While the rest of their Air Force unit marched to the red light district for more traditional company, Airman First Class Kevin Garnick (right) and his buddy were satisfied with the intellectual stimulation of Hello Kitty.

This photo was actually taken five weeks into basic training at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. Rewarding “good behavior,” commanders gave trainees four hours to roam San Antonio’s Riverwalk shopping mall, where they could sip all the Slurpees that could fit in their shrunken stomachs.

As you can see by Kevin’s waistline, basic training is no vacation!

(Kevin Garnick is a financial services representative who served in the U.S. Air Force Reserves loading C-5 and C-130 cargo planes during the first Persian Gulf War, aka Operation Desert Storm. Neither he nor Hello Kitty were ever called up for combat).

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