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Aug '09

You are what you eat: Be the chocolate banana

NUTRITION FACT: Chocolate-covered frozen bananas are rich in potassium!

NUTRITION FACT: Chocolate-covered bananas are rich in potassium!

SUBMITTED BY: Pam O’Meara   LOCATION: York Beach, Maine (2009)

Somebody call Ralph Nader.

This is one of the most insidious examples of product placement imaginable. Mere steps away from the frozen banana bicycle cart at York’s Wild Kingdom Zoo is an invitation for children to fantasize about being smothered in chocolate and rainbow ice cream sprinkles.

Forget about Nader, somebody call Sigmund Freud.

For the record, Pam refused to cave into the marketing propaganda. Young Stephen and Sarah have to eat bananas the old-fashioned way. Straight from the peel.

This photo-op also reminds us of the 1960s Batman episode in which Mr. Freeze attempts to turn the Dynamic Duo into human snow cones!

(Pam O’Meara is a responsible parent who also rations her children’s consumption of chocolate-covered broccoli. )

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