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Dec '18

The Cactus Who Needed a Hug

SUBMITTED BY: Ursula Kane     LOCATION: Goldfield Ghost Town, Arizone (2018)

Fearlessly hugging a cactus that you know is incapable of hugging you back just might be the purest form of love.

After seeing this cactus attempting to hug itself in the lonely Arizona desert, Ursula selflessly sprung into action. Thorns be damned.

“He just looked like he needed a hug,” she explains.

(Ursula Kane is an artist and TV field producer from Massachusetts. She has previously alerted TTP fans to the World’s Largest Adirondack Chair in Vermont.)



Sep '18

Buckingham Palace Guards Don’t Flinch

Buckingham Palace Guards, EPCOT England, Tacky Tourist Photos

SUBMITTED BY: Bill Burke  LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (2018)

When Disneyphile Bill Burke last contributed to Tacky Tourist Photos, he chose a pose of himself with a Gamorrean Guard, a pig-human hybrid from the Star Wars universe.

Now he’s toying with Buckingham Palace Guards at the England pavilion at EPCOT Center.

Not surprisingly, there’s no shortage of annoying (and misinformed) tourists who think these guys are toy soldiers. Such as this incident from 2015:

Bill, of course, means no disrespect.

(Bill Burke is the author of Mousejunkies: Tips, Tales and Tricks for a Disney World Fix.”)

Sep '18

Getting Cozy With The Colonel

Colonel Sanders statue at the Louisville Welcome Center honoring Kentucky Fried Chicken

SUBMITTED BY: Peter Koziell   LOCATION: Louisville, Kentucky (2018)

At the Louisville Visitor Center, you can rub shoulders with Kentucky Fried Chicken frontman Colonel Sanders and tell him your innermost feelings.

Whatever it takes to learn KFC’s 11 secret herbs and spices.

(Peter Koziell is a photojournalist, documentary filmmaker, antique car enthusiast and co-founder of Tacky Tourist Photos.)

Sep '18

Man-Eating Tuna

SUBMITTED BY: Isiah K.  LOCATION: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (2018)

Despite its meek, accountant-like appearance, the tuna occasionally can harbor violent tendencies.

This is only one of the many things you’ll learn at the Senator John Heinz History Center!

(Isiah K. is a middle school student in Massachusetts. He likes soccer, lacrosse and watching old TV commercials.)

Aug '18

Watch Out for the Speed Trap by the Cinnabon!

SUBMITTED BY: Peter Koziell    LOCATION: Bialystok, Poland (2018)

The Galeria Jurowiecka mall in Bialystok just brings out the kid in everyone!

(Peter Koziell is a co-founder of Tacky Tourist Photos and a documentary filmmaker from Massachusetts.)



Aug '18

“Simba, One Day All This Will Be Yours”

SUBMITTED BY: Ari G. and Andrew H.     LOCATION: Masada, Israel (2018)

What inspires one teenage boy only slightly taller than another to try to recreate the Pride Rock “baby announcement scene” from “The Lion King?”

Perhaps it’s a lack of any back problems.



Jul '18

Flutter Like a Knuckleball

SUBMITTED BY: Erik Paulsen   LOCATION: West Hartford, Connecticut (2018)

Red Sox fan Erik Paulsen channels his inner butterfly at the “Winged Wonders” exhibit at the Connecticut Children’s Museum.

(Erik Paulsen is a freelance video and film editor specializing in live remote sporting events. He’s worked for NBC Sports and ESPN on such events as the Olympics, Tour de France, NASCAR races and NHL games – but has no experience editing butterfly footage.)



Jul '18

After Meeting an Ostrich, Why Would You Want to Eat One?

SUBMITTED BY: David Pryke  LOCATION: Curacao (2018)

The Curacao Ostrich Farm is home to the largest population of ostriches outside of Africa.

The farm serves up ostrich egg omelets and ostrich burgers in their Zambezi restaurant. But once you channel your inner ostrich like Dave has, why would you ever want to eat one?

(David Pryke is a photojournalist/video editor and owner of MACH 5 Productions.)

Jan '18

Try Getting This Hat Through Airport Security

SUBMITTED BY: Marco Perry  LOCATION: Narita, Japan (2018)

Mirror, Mirror, who is the most stylish Japanese feudal warrior of all?

Japan’s Narita International Airport has more than overpriced snacks to keep travelers occupied. It also offers free photo-ops with kimonos, Samurai armor and other Japanese cultural icons.

So much better than another trip to Sbarro!

(Hat model Marco Perry last contributed to Tacky Tourist Photos in 2011 with his report on Civil War attire in Gettysburg.)

Jan '18

Looks Like Zumba Class is Paying Off

SUBMITTED BY: Kaeli Conforti  LOCATION: Marina Bay, Singapore (2018)

At Singapore’s largest carnival, you can instantly see the results of taking steroids with none of the side effects. Neck not included.

(Kaeli Conforti, a former editor at Budget Travel, is an American-born, Australian-based travel writer who shares her adventures at KaeliTravels.com and @kaelitravels on Instagram.)

Oct '16


The bronze Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli statue on the Milwaukee Riverwalk.

SUBMITTED BY: Dan Epstein  LOCATION: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (2016)

If you were alive in the 1970s, there’s no more irresistible photo-op than the statue of “Happy Days” icon Fonzie, the cooler-than-cool motorcycle mechanic who could snap his fingers and make any woman in the room fawn all over him – and fix a broken juke box or pinball machine (what are those things, dad?) with the soft bang of his fist.

Actor Henry Winkler told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he gets sent pics every week of fans posing with the statue (one Victoria’s Secret model photographed herself giving him a hug.)

And Winkler himself can’t resist the photo-op. Here’s an August 2016 snapshot from his Twitter feed:

(Dan Epstein, the author of “Big Hair and Plastic Grass: A Funky Ride Through Baseball and America in the Swinging ’70s,” is forever stuck in 1976.)

May '16

Bigfoot or King Kong?

SUBMITTED BY: Bobbi Kraham  LOCATION: Jama (Manabi Province), Ecuador (2016)

On first glance, this roadside sculpture in Jama, Ecuador, appears to be King Kong, based on its damsel-in-distress design. A staircase inside the ape lets travelers climb up to the head and look out his mouth or squeeze inside his clenched hand. However, upon further research by the Tacky Tourist Photos staff, this is more likely a representation of the “Mapinguari,” the Bigfoot of the Amazon.

Damsel in Distress

“I’m not a fan of monster movies, but how could I NOT take this picture?” says Bobbi.

Wideshot of the Mapinguari Photo-Op in Jama, Ecuador

According to local folklore, the Mapinguari will seek revenge on humans who do not respect the nature of the Amazon Rainforest. If you ever run into one of these creatures, keep your distance.  The New York Times says they are “stinky, hairy and mean.”

(Maryland’s Bobbi Kraham recently visited Ecuador with an international relief agency providing aid after an earthquake.)


Feb '16

What’s the Difference Between a Male and a Female Pineapple?

Silly photo-ops at the Helemano Pineapple Plantation in Hawaii

SUBMITTED BY: Brian Henderson and Nancy Wong    LOCATION: Helemano Plantation, Hawaii (2016)

We are NOT by any means experts in fruit anatomy. But modesty aside, we can’t figure out why the pineapple on the right needs to wear a bra.

Here’s another hole-in-the-head photo-op at the wonderfully kitschy Helemano Plantation:

Must be difficult to adjust the shutter speed with those nails!

(Photojournalist Brian Henderson is one of the most prolific contributors to Tacky Tourist Photos, previously sharing gems from the South of the Border rest stop on I-95, Uganda’s Imaginary Equator Line, and the absolutely scrumptious Golden Gate Bridge.)

Jan '16

Channeling the Harlem Globetrotters… in the Stone Age

What Fred Flintstone would look like spinning a basketball.

SUBMITTED BY: Ben Cole    LOCATION: Los Angeles, California (2015)

The “Levitated Mass” sculpture by Michael Heizer is a photo-op magnet at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Most goofballs pose with two arms pretending to hold up the floating boulder.

But Ben wanted to put his own unique spin on the place.

Get it? Unique SPIN?

We pride ourselves on subtlety here at Tacky Tourist Photos.

(Ben Cole is Tacky Tourist Photo correspondent from Colorado. He previously posed as “Tourist Shish Kebab” at Glenwood Caverns.)

Nov '15

Endangered Gum Wall

Art Preparation: Judy and Mosey get their gum ready for permanent display.

SUBMITTED BY: Judy Cohen and Mosey Brown   LOCATION: Seattle, Washington (2015)

With Seattle city officials announcing they will steam clean the infamous Market Theater Gum Wall at Pike Place next week, getting rid of an estimated one million pieces of Already-Been-Chewed (ABC) gum, we decided to pay homage to the site before it disappears forever.

According to The Atlantic, this Gum Wall is the world’s “second-germiest tourist attraction” behind the slobbered-over Blarney Stone in Ireland.

Springing into action at the request of TTP, Judy Cohen and Mosey Brown shared some mother-son bonding at the colorful saliva monument today on their way home from school.

“I respect the cultural significance of the Wall, but it’s still utterly revolting,” said Brown, a high school freshman.

Mosey Brown's modeling shoot by the Market Theater Gum Wall.

Cohen revealed that unlike the one million visitors before them, they chose to continue chewing their gum.

“Gum is made of chemicals, sugar, additives. Things that aren’t good for us. I can’t imagine it’s good for brick,” Pike Place spokeswoman Emily Crawford told The Seattle Times.

Here’s a wideshot of the majestic rubbery mural:

Seattle's Market Theater Gum Wall captured on November 6, 2015 (Photo courtesy of Judy Cohen.)

(Have your own creative pose with the Gum Wall? Post your favorite pics on the Tacky Tourist Photos Facebook page!)



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